314.367.2144 (Tramore)  314.361.4515 (4515 Lindell)
family managed

Tramore Castle             floor plans

4515 Lindell
     floor plans

If you are interested in one of our apartments, please contact the resident manager for apartment availability.

        Tramore Castle:   314.367.2144
        4515 Lindell:     314.361.4515

Once you have decided on an apartment, please submit the following to the apartment building office (Tramore Castle: 4525 Lindell OR 4515 Lindell).

        -Application (no fee to apply)
        -Character Reference
        -Police Report
        -Credit Report

We will not consider your application unless we have ALL required documents.

Leasing Options: 1 year
Security Deposit: ____

Our main selection criteria is character and an impeccable reputation!